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Fudge Brownies from the children's cookbook, Baking with Friends

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Baking is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about valuable life lessons such as following instruction, caring for oneself, and math skills. Goops Children's Books is now pleased to present the children's cookbook Baking with Friends for parents, educators and mentors looking to make an impact in a child's life.

Full of fun recipes, tips and fun facts, Baking with Friends offers over 30 recipes children can bake with the loving and supportive adults in their lives. In addition, the book offers a number of resources and materials to expand the educational experience.Read more

Dropping cookie dough - To get cookie dough to drop without sticking, dip the spoon in milk first.

Dropping cookie dough - To get cookie dough to drop without sticking, dip the spoon in milk first.

Baking with Friends

Sharon Davis and Charlene Patton
Goops Unlimited, 2010

Looking for a fun activity to do with friends – either kids or adults – on a weekend afternoon? Look no farther than the aptly titled, “Baking with Friends,” by Sharon Davis and Charlene Patton. Davis, a licensed trained home economist and family and consumer sciences teacher, and Patton, executive director of the Home Baking Association, teamed up to produce this charming baking/learning/fun book.Read more

Gale Collier

Redmond, OR

When Gale Collier was 12, she decided to treat her parents to breakfast in bed. She woke up early on a Saturday morning, opened the cookbook, and chose biscuits with gravy, bacon, and eggs. “I wanted everything to be perfect,” she recalls with a smile, “but everything went wrong.” While her parents waited patiently in bed, Gale’s youthful enthusiasm resulted in burned bacon and biscuits which she ruefully describes as “hockey pucks.”Read more

Heavy-duty stockpot with inserts

Safety first, yes? Carrying a fully loaded pasta pot to the colander in the sink is: a) potentially dangerous, b) hard on your back, and c) a pain. When you cook pasta with an insert all you need lift and carry is the pasta-filled insert. Easy peasy. Not to mention that the water can be used again for another batch or an additional ingredient. That’s what you call green cooking.

Blind baking weights

Yes, beans or rice will do the trick when you are lining pie and tart doughs for prebaking. But I vote for official baking weights, either ceramic, or in a handy chain of metal beads. Super heavy, they will hold the dough in place and prevent shrinking.

Silicone spatulas

The proof was clear the first time you used a rubber spatula, possibly as long ago as your first batch of brownies, baked in your mother’s kitchen – rubber spatulas rule! Or they did, until silicone came along and dominated. No more melting. No more bits breaking off into the pudding. All shapes and sizes. Pretty colors optional, but irresistible.

Digital timer

For years and years I refused to use a timer, thinking timers were for wimps. What was I thinking? Now I let my reliable digital timer do the thinking while I do the cooking. A double timer is twice as nice. What more can I say?

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