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Tiny Tastes Can total BIG Calories over Winter Holidays

The extra calories sometimes sneak up on us over the winter holidays. They don’t always arrive in the form of large portions of calorie-laden food. Rather, they may tiptoe in through many tiny tastes throughout the day. 

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Wheat Belly


Does eating wheat pack on the pounds?  For losing weight and keeping it off, there's nothing magical about going wheat-free. 
Nutrition Action Healthletter, NutritionAction.com
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What to Think About Wheat


Wheat scientists and advocates say a health certification
for wheat, like the heart-healthy one for oats, could go a
long way in educating consumers about the beneficial grain.
In the meantime, a popular but controversial book has
spawned what one wellness newsletter calls “wheatphobia,”
and gluten-free diets and products seem to multiply daily,
even though the percentage of people who truly can’t
tolerate gluten is small.
What’s a consumer (or a wheat grower) to think?
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