New Food Choices Free of Trans Fats Better Align U.S. Diets With Health Recommendations

Ilya Rahkovsky, Steve Martinez, and Fred Kuchler

The trans fats content of new food products shows a marked decline from 2005 to 2010, along with an increase in the use of “no trans fats” claims on product packages, according to a report by the Economic Research Service (ERS) of the US Department of Agriculture. 

The study also found that only a small minority of foods that contain no trans fats make such claims even though the use of a “no trans fats” claim is associated with higher rates of successful market penetration in a majority of product categories. In addition, new products without trans fats generally contain less saturated fat, sodium, and calories, which suggests that the reduction of trans fats was not compensated by increases in these other nutrients.

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