Reading Nutrition Labels May Help You Manage Your Weight


Take the time to read nutrition labels and you may be rewarded with a smaller waistline, says a recent study. Shoppers—women, in particular—who read food labels are almost nine pounds thinner than their non-label-reading counterparts.

Conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the study uncovered major discrepancies between people who read nutrition labels and those who do not.

Urban dwellers were the most fastidious about reading food labels, whereas smokers, on the other hand, paid little attention to the nutritional information on foods. Seventy-four percent of women and 58 percent of men stopped to read nutrition labels. Additionally, shoppers with high school and college educations also paid greater attention to labels. Overall, the study deduced that white women residing in cities read food labels most frequently.

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