Does Going Gluten-Free Make You Lose Weight?

Health Castle
It seems like everywhere you look these days someone is on a gluten-free kick. There are also a lot more gluten-free products on supermarket shelves, as well as gluten-free diets and cookbooks. Recently, my search for "gluten-free diet" in the Books section on returned more than 3,000 results! While an allergy to gluten - the protein found in wheat - does exist (called celiac disease), it appears that many people are trying out gluten-free eating as a way to lose weight. We have not found studies that support a gluten-free diet as a weight-loss diet. Instead, most studies identify weight loss as a symptom in individuals with undiagnosed celiac disease. Once the celiac diagnosis is confirmed and the gluten-free diet is adopted, some of them actually gain weight as their gut heals. ShareThis