Fad Diets: Busting the Myths

The Wheat Foods Council wants to help clear up the confusion and set the record straight for sound nutrition science on losing weight – and keeping it off – in combination with ways to eat healthfully. We’re launching our “Busting Fad Diets” Campaign, just in time for the holidays and New Year’s health resolutions.

When talking to people about the foods they should eat or the weight-loss diets they may be following, we see that there is a lot of confusion. Today, this food is in; tomorrow it is out. One day something is a “super food;” the next, it is a health risk. 

Our Fad Diets: Busting the Myths tool kit has lots of great weight management resources including recipes and more – for the holiday season or any time.


How to Spot a Fad Diet in 30 Seconds

Portions, Patterns and Plate Size 

Fad Diets Don't Work

Twenty Tweets

Media Segment Ideas


Light as a Feather Pancakes

Sun Dried Tomato Walnut Penne

Smoked Turkey and Veggie Wrap