Nutrition Educators

West Virginia University Extension Service Family Nutrition Programs

The Family Nutrition Program (FNP) is a statewide outreach program that helps West Virginia families improve health and wellness through nutrition education and physical activity projects. The FNP focuses on teaching the USDA Dietary Guidelines, encouraging physical activity, food budgeting, and food demos. The WVU outreach program reaches 40 counties in WV every year. Each week there is a Wild and Wonderful Wellness Challenge to promote health and wellness.

Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition (We Can!)

We Can! is a national movement that focuses on helping children stay at a healthy weight starting in their youth. The program provides information to parents, teachers, health care professionals, and organizations to help promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The program encourages children and families alike to eat right, get active, and reduce screen time to improve their health.

Urban Sprouts

Urban Sprouts is a San Francisco-based program that promotes healthy eating through school gardens. The program helps schools start their own vegetable gardens and provides nutrition education. Parents of students are also encouraged to participate through the Urban Sprouts Farmers in Residence program that encourages and supports families to garden at home. When school is not in session, the Summer Sprouts program gives students the opportunity to participate in a gardening and leadership program.
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