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Does eating wheat pack on the pounds?  For losing weight and keeping it off, there's nothing magical about going wheat-free. 
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WFC Points Out Inaccuracies in National Geographic Article


The Wheat Foods Council (WFC) is taking National Geographic to task for numerous inaccuracies about wheat, wheat breeding and celiac disease in an article entitled “Gut Reactions” appearing in the April 2013 issue. In a letter to editor Chris Johns on behalf of the WFC, Dr. Brett Carver, Wheat Genetics Chair at Oklahoma State University and chair of the US National Wheat Improvement Committee, characterized the article as “a very one-sided, inadequate coverage of an extremely complicated issue.”
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Toward a pill to enable celiac patients to eat foods containing gluten

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Scientists are reporting an advance toward development of a pill that could become celiac disease’s counterpart to the lactase pills that people with lactose intolerance can take to eat dairy products without risking digestive upsets.  Read more

Gluten-free myth busting: There is no biomarker for gluten sensitivity, says researcher

Elaine Watson, Food

One of the liveliest sessions at last week’s Whole Grains on Every Plate conference in San Antonio was a myth-busting presentation from Pamela Cureton, clinical research dietitian at the Center for Celiac Research.

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The Glamorization of Gluten-Free

Janet Helm

Writer, registered dietitian and mother of twins Janet Helm posts on her website Nutrition Unplugged her thoughts on “The Glamorization of Gluten-Free.” Pondering why going gluten-free is the new diet craze, she discusses whether going gluten-free will help people lose weight. “The answer is, it depends,” she writes. “There’s nothing inherent about a gluten-free diet that’s going to melt away the pounds.Read more

The September issue of Kernels is here


We are pleased to present the latest issue of Kernels, our e-magazine. In this issue we focus on the health benefits of grains and we tackle the current myths and misinformation about wheat and carbohydrates. Also, we’ll tempt your taste buds with two delicious, hearty soups. Finally, Wheat Growers Corner adds to your baking expertise with our primer on the different kinds of flour and their uses.Read more

Whole Grains Summit 2012 - Judi Adams, MS, RD

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Wheat Foods Council President, Judi Adams discusses some common consumer barriers to whole grain consumption. 

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Hand Milling Demonstration at Urban Wheat Field

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Mary Ellen Wagner from the South Dakota Wheat Commission shows us a hand mill and how it creates flour from wheat.

The Gluten-Free Diet: Medically Required or Just a Fad?

Shelly Asplin, MA, RD, LMNT

Does it seem that at every turn someone new is following the gluten-free diet? It is true that many people are following the gluten-free diet as a fad. But for those with celiac disease (CD) or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), the gluten-free diet is a medical requirement.

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