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Health and nutrition professionals… educators… supermarket and retail dietitians…health-conscious consumers… media… chefs and cooks… These are among the audiences the Wheat Foods Council (WFC) reaches out to as part of its mission to help increase awareness of dietary grains as an essential component of a healthful diet.

Members of the WFC include grain producers, millers and bakers, baking suppliers, life science companies and cereal manufacturers. The Council develops sound educational and promotional nutrition programs that reach health and nutrition professionals, opinion leaders, media, and consumers.

The WFC website is a one-stop source for everything about wheat and wheat food nutrition, from the latest news and research, trending topics, tips, recipes, links to government agencies and other relevant sites, and more.

And what would a website devoted to wheat foods be without lots of delicious recipes? On our site, you’ll also find recommendations and recipes for all types of meals ranging from Tomato Basil Pasta to Fruit Dessert Pizza and everything “grain” in between.


Wheat producers across the country joined together in 1972 to create the Wheat Foods Council as a national non-profit organization to promote the category of wheat-based foods, including baked goods, cereal, crackers, pretzels, pasta, sweet goods and tortillas. Since then, our organization has established itself as a leading source of science-based information on wheat and wheat foods nutrition. Backed by our 43-year history, we are proud to share our expertise about “all things wheat foods” with health and nutrition practitioners, educators, the media, consumers, and anyone who, like us, loves the many wonderful foods made from wheat.


Tim O'Connor

Gayle Veum, RD
Vice President


Debi Rogers
AIB International, Inc

Reid Christopherson
Vice Chair
South Dakota Wheat Commission

Vance Taylor
North Dakota Mill

Erica Olson
Immediate Past Chair
North Dakota Wheat Commission

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