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Americans Hungry for Healthy Foods

Progressive Grocer

First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign, television reality shows focused on weight loss and media coverage may all be having an effect on Americans’ eating habits, according to new research from international research firm Mintel.

The report shows that just over two-thirds of American adults are trying to eat more healthfully in order to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight and diet. Age does make a difference as well. Eating more healthfully is more important to older adults than younger ones.Read more

Despite Drought, Farmers Produce More Wheat

Kansas Wheat Commission

Despite the worst drought since 1956, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) predicts that U.S. wheat farmers will produce a larger crop than last year and will stand ready once again to supply high quality wheat to the world.

In its monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) released July 11, USDA lowered its 2012/2013 U.S. wheat production estimate for the second straight month to 60.5 million metric tons (MMT). However, that is still 12 percent greater than last year’s production and 2 percent above the five-year average.Read more

Brown-bagging it in style, lessons learned after thousands of school lunches

JeanMarie Brownson, Special to Tribune Newspapers

Summer always goes too fast. Back-to-school advertisements  fill me with mixed emotions: I like the routine, I dread the monotony. A quick calculation tells me we've made more than 4,500 school lunches. Monotonous? With a modicum of imagination, no.Read more

Flour Power: Learn about different kinds of flours

Roberta Larson Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, CFCS, Food & Nutrition Magazine

Once upon a time, the typical American pantry included a single canister of flour. Today, supermarkets stock myriad milled options—reflecting increased consumer demand for diversity in the baking aisle. Whether exploring health trends, culinary interests or ethnic cuisines, here is some information your clients can use as they foray into the world of flours.Read more

Record Flour Usage January - June 2012

Neil Sosland,

Flour output by U.S. mills in January-June increased 2.5% to a record 205,398,000 cwts, compared with 200,337,000 cwts in the first half of 2011, according to data interpolated by Milling & Baking News from statistics released by the North American Millers’ Association (NAMA). Based on interpolated NAMA data, flour production in the second quarter aggregated 101,936,000 cwts, up 1.6% from 100,313,000 cwts in April-June 2011.

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The New Healthy Staples

Robert Vosburgh in Refresh, Supermarket News

One of the true measures of just how far we’ve come in the fight against obesity (and therefore, healthful eating in general) is to examine the nation’s kitchens to determine what basics are being used on a consistent basis.Read more

The Gluten-Free Diet: Medically Required or Just a Fad?

Shelly Asplin, MA, RD, LMNT

Does it seem that at every turn someone new is following the gluten-free diet? It is true that many people are following the gluten-free diet as a fad. But for those with celiac disease (CD) or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), the gluten-free diet is a medical requirement.

To read the complete article, available on the Bean Institute website, click here.

Investigate carefully before going gluten free

Judi Adams

Wheat has long been a major contributor of nutrients to the American diet through consumption of bread, rolls, cereal and pasta.

Grains contribute more than 70 percent of the folic acid/folate; 50 percent of the iron and 39 to 60 percent of the three major B vitamins, and many other nutrients.Read more

Enjoy Summer's Bounty with Grilled Pizza


Here’s a new baking trick to try now that summer is here — grilled pizza! You can use the same pizza dough you already use (frozen, pre-made or make your own using all-purpose or bread flour) but since grilling pizza uses direct heat, go lighter with the toppings. Try thinly sliced cheeses (mozzarella, of course, but also try grated fontina, smoked Gouda, or goat cheese), thin strips of fresh vegetables (baby spinach, summer squash, asparagus, spring onions – be creative and make the most of summer’s bounty) and fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, and thyme all work well).Read more

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